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PMI Application Audit Process

Mukesh Sahu

Simplilearn Support
Hello All,

As you know PMI does random audit to its applicants. In case if your form is selected for audit PMI will inform you. You will find e-copies of Audit documents like experience verification form in your PMI account. A candidate has 90 days from the date of the PMI Candidate Audit email to complete the audit.

The audit consists of the following requirements

1. Verifying Project Management Experience (Click here)
2. Verifying 35 contact hours of project management education (Take a print of 35 contact hours certificate)
3. Verifying attained education (Photocopy of your degree certificate)

Documents need to be submitted are as follows:

1. For Verifying Project Management Experience: Handwritten signature from the reference contact person whose details you have mentioned in the application for the project. More the number of reference more the number of PM Experience verification documents signed by them. Please note PMI doesn’t accept digital signature. So ensure before applying for PMP exam the reference of the projects are within your reach and easily available. Candidates can have a manager, supervisor, colleague, peer, client or sponsor who has intimate knowledge of the project verify this experience. A supervising manager can still verify experience even if he/she is no longer with the company specified. If this option is not feasible, a colleague from the project can verify, or a current manager or supervisor, who has intimate knowledge of the project, can verify.

2. For Verifying 35 contact hours of project management education: Please take a print of your 35 contact hours/35 PDUs certificate got from PMP Training.

3. For Verifying attained education: Based on your highest educational qualification that you have filled in PMP application, take a photocopy of your educational qualification certificate.

PMI need all these three documents in hard copy and in one shot. PMI doesn’t consider e-copies or partial documents.

For more details please go through the following FAQs page from PMI. Refer to Audit FAQs towards the bottom of the page



Navamita Auddy

New Member
Do we need to download 'Experience Verification Form' from somewhere? or it is just a letter by the supervisor that he/she confirms the below mentioned text?

Mukesh Sahu

Simplilearn Support
HI Navamita,

You need to download the experience verification form from your PMI account. This has to be signed by the reference/contact person you have provided while filling up the application.


I just submitted my application and was selected to be audited. My questions:

1. Except for one project, i have the same sponsor for all my projects. i understand they can submit one paper signed and highlight the projects they are approving, but I am not really sure how to get this done. Should my sponsor just write the names of the projects on this one form? Can you clarify? This is what they say in the audit instructions:
"If one person is verifying multiple projects for the same company, they can fill out one form and initial or highlight on the Experience Record the projects that they are verifying"

2. My education is from another country in another language (not in English). Do I need to get my certification and/or transcripts translated to English? Do I need both? does it have to be sent to me by mail or I can get copies by email, print and then submit to PMI by mail?

3. For PM education - should I just print the certification I received from simplleiarn with the note about the awarded 35 hours?

Thank you
Dear sir,

As it is random process for audit so it does mean that I will have to pass through it? And without that I can go further, right?

tim jerome

Well-Known Member
If you are accepted to take the exam and PMI says your next step is payment, you can rest assured that you were not selected for audit this time. That is now behind you, you can focus on preparing for the exam.