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john zagala

Hello, what is the difference between the program issue log and the program issue register? They seem to be one and the same after doing the online practice exams

Samer barakeh(3330)

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Hello, have you seen my questions below? thanks
Hi John,

The short answer: they should be the same thing.

The long answer:
Program Management standard of the PMI presents the Issues Log as a tool to identify, document, track and communicate program issues, especially those raised by stakeholders.
There is no indication of a document named Issue Register
(The Standard of Program Management-Third Edition, P.60)

If the issues register was mentioned in a certain reference, I believe they are referring to the same document, the Issues Log.

The discussion beyond the answer:

I think you should look into the difference between the Issues Log and Risk Register:
Issues Log:For things that already happened or we are 100% certain they will occur. They are considered as facts, and should be now "reactively" addressed to control the damages and decrease their consequences on the program.

Risk Register: For things that MAY happen, they did not occur yet. They are now proactively addressed (via Risk Management Processes) to influence their probability and/or impact on the program.

Risks are either threats or opportunities.
threats that occur become issues with -ve impacts that should be controlled
opportunities that occur become benefits with +ve impacts that should be realized

Hope this helps.


Samer barakeh(3330)

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You are the program manager attending a meeting to discuss program progress with project managers and other stakeholders. Few presentations were conducted and issues were discussed during that meeting. Furthermore, many decisions were made to ensure timely delivery of benefits to customers and to facilitate visibility of program status and cash flow. You headed to your office to make a tel. call based on information that came to light during the discussions. The call is most likely to:

A- Touch-base with major contractors to ensure that they will be commissioning their work on time.

B- Call the project management team to ensure that the next report will be consistent with program standard

C- Meet with program customers to schedule the handover of some recently accepted deliverables

D- Reach out to your old friend, a market analyst at a prestigious financial corporation, seeking some insights
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we need to know if someone is eligible for PGPM exam with more than 6000 hours in 3 years of Program experience or 4 years is mandate.


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Simplilearn Support
we need to know if someone is eligible for PGPM exam with more than 6000 hours in 3 years of Program experience or 4 years is mandate.

I have sent you the mail with the relevant documents on this. Please do reply to the mail or you could respond here for any further assistance.