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PMP|Aug 28,29, Sep 4,5,11,12,18,19,25|Ritu Gupta|28/08/2021

Rahul Powar

New Member
What are Project assessment ?
When Simplilearn will start 7 ed for PMBOK
Do this course provided questionnaires which help in PMP exam
For filling form of PMP- what if prior company manager left that organization then how to provide the details? Also, my prior company has sell out to some other organization then how to provide the details
5 process group are like the life cycle so easy to remember, Initiate Plan Execute Monitor&Control Close - I PEM CC,
then 10 knowledge group are the triple constraints and the modernization to it i.e. Time, Cost, Scope, and later the 3 more Quality, Resource, Risk so here you got 6 out of 10 now other 3 are procurement stakeholder and communication can be related as stakeholder and communication going hand in hand. and last the 10th is about integrating them all together why we say that is because this knowledge area has process in every Process Group but no other has
(see the chart)


New Member
As of now don't have access to PMI - Digi key I've raised the request to Simplilearn team... hope this will be resolved

Dave Snehalkumar

Active Member
Hi, all friends, Good Morning,
Need help from SimpliLearn team
1) As attached snapshot both Zip files not able to open.
2) Please support Simplilearn team how can access and get lochoice link ?


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David Aragon

I have checked and it appears like I did not attend the last class, could you help me.

Can someone tell me the email or the way to contact simplilearn to send me the code to access pmi.lochoice?