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    When preparing for the PMP Exam, you'll do better if you have hands on experience on the nuts and bolts of the examination.

    In that way, you will already be familiar with the pattern of the questions asked in the examination.

    Here is a quick review of the topics you should memorize and know before testing.

    PMP certification exam consist of various topics ranging from Project Management Framework, Project Management Process, Project Cost Management, to Project Risk Management and Project Procurement Management.

    Apart from this, the PMI also gives a lot of weight to the practical insights of above mentioned topics, which basically we cal as "NUMERICALS".

    Below are mentioned some of the most important formulas of numerical questions you will be tested on in the PMP Examination:

    Earned Value Management (EVM)
    Planned Value (PV)
    Actual Cost (AC)
    Earned Value (EV) = % Complete * BAC
    Budget At Completion (BAC)
    Cost Variance (CV) = EV – AC (>0 Good)
    Schedule Variance (SV) = EV – PV (>0 Good)
    Cost Performance Index (CPI) = EV / AC (>1 Good)
    Schedule Performance Index (SPI) = EV / PV (>1 Good)
    Estimate at Completion (EAC) = AC / % Complete (BAC / CPI)
    Estimate to Complete (ETC) = EAC - AC
    Variance At Completion (VAC) = BAC – EAC

    Present Value:

    F V
    (1 + r)n

    Normal Distribution

    1 sigma = 68.26%
    2 sigma = 95.46%
    3 sigma = 99.73%
    6 sigma = 99.999%

    Communication Channels

    N (N - 1)

    Expected Monetary Value (EMV) = Impact * Probability

    PERT = (O+ 4M + P) / 6

    PERT Project Duration = Sum of PERTS

    SD of Activity (SD) = (P - O) / 6

    Variance of Activity = [SD]2 = [(P - O) / 6]2

    SD of Project = Square Root of Var1 + var2 + ......
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    These are very good tips for a PMP candidate while preparing for the exam. Thankyou :)
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    If you're serious about becoming a PMP certified professional, you'll be doing yourself a big favor by getting a PMI membership even before you pass the exam.

    As a PMI member you'll have access to many exclusive advantages including access to other PMP professionals who can answer questions about the exam experience. A very good opportunity to network with other professionals in the industry.
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    According to one survey up to forty percent of PMP exam applicants fail the exam on the first try. And, when you think of all the amazing free and paid resources available, that's really not necessary. There's such a wealth of information available for exam candidates to use. There really should be no reason for failure.

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