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Discussion in 'PMP' started by Sanjith_1, Dec 15, 2017.

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    Sep 15, 2016
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    Hi All,

    Passed PMP with Above Target performance on all the domains and an overall Above Target performance.
    Special thanks to Tim J and Bala whose classes I attended. I would highly recommend anyone reading this and planning to take the PMP exam to attend the class from Tim J. The way he explains the subtle difference of different interrelated concepts really helps. I have followed his strategies on when to take the exam, the most asked question in the classes.

    I found the first half (100Q ) of the exam really tough and the next half relatively easier to handle.
    Had marked around 45Q for review and changed 2-3 answers in the end during review.
    Took 2 breaks during the exam and that took around 15 minutes.
    My rate of answering was slower than during my practice tests and i had marked way too many for review when compared to mock tests. I finished the exam in 3 hours 50 minutes including review.

    Noticed that I had more questions from quality,risk and integration knowledge area.
    There were at least 10-15 questions on change management which were similar but with slight variations.
    Some of the mathematical questions were really easy. Saw around 10-12 of them.
    Simplilearn's mock test did help. But I wouldn't say the exam is really the same type.
    Apart from Simplilearn i did try out other mock tests available in other sources like PM Study, Oliver Lehman's 75 and 175Q and practice tests from Whizlabs. I did score above 80% in all this tests and thoroughly reviewed my wrong answers.

    This forum has really helped me regarding the experience of other members on the real exam and the discussion on several items/questions. Last but not least, wanted to thank the support staff especially Priyamwada for all her help in a timely and professional manner. Goodluck to all aspirants.
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    Congratulations Sanjith on being a PMP certified. Above Target in all domains is a great result.

    We wish you all the best for your future endeavor.
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    Jul 10, 2017
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    Hi Sanjith,

    Congratulation !!!.. Can you tell me what is the exam difficulty level compare to rita and simplilearn moch test ?

    You have mention Oliver & Scorda moch test.. how it's test level compare to actual PMP exam test ?

    Anytips can help me to prepare for exam ?

  4. Sanjith_1

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    Sep 15, 2016
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    Hi Parshav,

    Thank you. I never read Rita or attempted the questions from that book. Also please note that didn't read PMBOK cover to cover even once.
    The greatest tip I can give is that concentrate on Initiating, Executing and Closing Process Groups. They have the maximum bang for buck with 12 process giving you 50% of the questions in the exam (as per the PMP handbook). Also google "PMP notes" and you will find very helpful general rules and themes for the exams from several folks who passed the exam earlier. Also there are several websites which explains common confused PMP terms. I referred them too.

    Coming to Simplilearn's mock test, they are good but not perfect in the sense there are debatable assumptions in some of the questions as you have seen in several Q discussion in this forum. In the real PMP if you know the concept and can apply/connect to the situation, there is a good chance that you will select the correct answer. But if you score above 80% in Simplilearn's mock test, then you are doing good.
    I found PMStudy and Oliver test close to the real PMP test . But irrespective of the test difficulty level if you manage to score 80% and above i think you pass the real test with flying colors. Also don't forget to review all the wrong and 50-50 answers after each mock test. That might take up another 2 hours but it's worth it to further clear the concepts. Hope it helps and goodluck.

    Best regards,

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