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PMP PDUs from SelfPaced Learning


New Member
Hi, i am new to this community. I just enrolled myself for self paced PMP learning module. As per my understanding, i have to watch the traiing videos completely followed by a test in which minimum of 80% score is required to clear the exam. Once the exam is cleared, PMP PDUs certificate will be unlocked. What if the score is below 80%? Is there any way a candidate may retake the test?


Well-Known Member
Simplilearn Support

Kindly find the criteria to unlock the certificate:

1. Complete minimum 85% of the self- paced learning course.
2. Complete 1 project.
3. Complete 1 simulation test with score of 80%.

I hope that the resolution provided meets your expectations.

Happy Leaning!!
Priyamwada Singh - Global Teaching Assistant