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PMP Prep Jan 27 2021 - Feb 19 (Tim)

Monika Balaji

New Member
Hi Tim , Myself balaji I had missed your introduction , Just to now from which country your are from:). May be this is my first question to start my thread :).
Hi all;
I contacted PMI numerous times, and each time I was told that providing a 'Key' to students to take the 2021 exam is not something that they do for the students, unless they had planned to take the test in Dec 2020 and for some reason they were unable to. FORGET ABOUT RAISING A TICKET FOR SIMPLILEARN to get back with you. I HAD ZERO RESULT FROM THAT PROCESS. These people are COMPLETELY disconnected from the students, and there's no WAY to reach them. As the result, THEY ARE SETTING US FOR FAILURE, AND SETTING THE STAGE FOR A LAWSUIT AGAINST THE OPERATION. I am so sorry that a diligent, intelligent, caring instructor like Tim Jerome has to be caught in the middle of this, but unfortunately, he's the only hope that we have (if he agrees to help students resolve their issues with Simplilearn). This institution should was informed of the changes to be made to the structure of PMP exam, and should have been prepared for us since they received and cashed our payments. I contacted other institutions, and to my total surprise, their contents and TEST SIMULATORS have already incorporated the new changes. I regret dealing with these people, but am so pleased to get to know Tim J.
@tim jerome please find the attached a crossover map i found which links to PMBOK...
Can someone tell me where to get the instructors notes? I have 1/31, but cant find 1/1/2021 notes
Hi Guys ,

Anybody who has got the keys and downloaded the course files . Did you find PMBOK guide in it?


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Aparna Mathur

Active Member
Hi Amit

Can you please share the student pdf here. Requesting this because Simplilearn is not providing the key to me since I registered before Dec 2020. And if I am requesting them for it, they are asking me to pay Rs6000/- extra which is expensive for me as I have already paid so much for the course. Also, I did not clear the exam in my 1st attempt. I have paid so much of exam fee and now again I have to pay for 2nd attempt.
Hence, requesting to help.

My email ID is aparna.mathur08@gmail.com. Kindly send it on that if you dont want to post it here.


Well-Known Member
Staff member
Simplilearn Support
@Sonali,Kindly note;

For the PMP Application.
Please ensure that the description is aligned to the tasks included in PMP Exam content outline. It should be leading and directing the Project.The description of the project management experiences should be aligned to the process groups and must include PM specific keywords.The PM experiences should be 3 years from your last 8 years of work experience and it should not be overlapping.

Kindly summarize the description by all process areas (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing-abbreviations are acceptable IN, PL, EX, MC & CL) and then there is our analysis of what has changed with the PMP Application:

#The 550-character limit of the project description field is replaced with a new required minimum of 100 words and the suggestion that a typical description is between 200 and 500 words.

#you won’t have to report the hours you worked or separate them into each PMBOK domain area. PMI realized that most people didn’t keep a record of hours and forced them to guess at it. It’s great to no longer have to do that guesswork since it never mattered how many hours you report in each process area anyways.

#you won’t have to include contact details, addresses, phone numbers, or emails in the initial application. If you are audited, PMI will ask for this information, so you should still prepare them to be contacted by PMI and make sure they agree with your application.
What is Not Changing:

Based on our research and testing so far, what hasn’t changed is:

#The project description field will still be one of the most important items that the PMI reviewers use to decide if your experience looks like it meets their criteria and expectations. PMI will continue to send rejection emails if they decide your application does not qualify for whatever reason (most commonly replying that some of it sound like “operations” rather than a qualifying “project”).

#The other fields will continue to be an important source of data for deciding whether your application qualifies.

#The PMP application requirements, review, approval, rejection, and audit processes do not appear to be changing.

I hope this helps!