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PMP Preparation May 1 - 29 (Tim)


Hi Tim,

Can you help me understand the below. My answer would be C because the tasks are defined but the project manager hasn't allocated the activities to the team members correctly, hence the confusion.

But not sure of the answer. Because A also looks right because, If there was a proper WBS, then the work would be allocated to the team members without any confusion

During every project team meeting, the project manager asks each team member to describe the work he or she is doing, and the project manager assigns new activities to team members. The length of these meetings has increased because there are many different activities to assign. This could be happening for all the following reasons EXCEPT:

A-) Lack of a WBS

B-) Lack of a responsibility assignment matrix

C-) Lack of resource leveling

D-) Lack of team involvement in project planning