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Project Lifecycle Phases

Divya Pal

@tim jerome
Project Lifecycle Phases
1) How a PM choose which type of Project lifecycle phase is best

2) Example of sequential & Overlapping Phase

3)Example of Predictive Life Cycle

4)Example of Iterative & Incremental Life Cycle

5) Example of Adaptive(Agile)Life Cycle

tim jerome

Well-Known Member
  1. Project Life Cycles are diverse; they are generally shaped by the business requirements and organizational preference. However, the style of life cycle can also be considered - if requirements are well-known, plan-driven is good. If the project is going to be ambiguous at first, an iterative-incremental style is best. If Change is going to be major factor, Agile is considered.
  2. Sequential Phases: We need to finish the menus, and then we can start training the staff. Overlapping Phases: We need to start moving the kitchen equipment through the back door before we finish the landscaping.
  3. Predictive life cycle: Nuclear facility reclamation. You ramp down the facility. You then clean up the facility. Then you recover the landscape.
  4. Iterative and Incremental: We develop a high-level plan for the new data center in order to gain consensus and start reserving funding. We then start planning the early phases, which will help us gather data for further planning. We then finish early phases, which give us the information required to finish planning the later phases.
  5. Agile: We are performing a marketing campaign, and know our product will go through major changes as the consumers review our prototype. The prototype is an early sprint, and we learn from that in order to add to what we know about consumers and product manufacturing. This is all fed back quickly to product design, which is still ongoing. The Sprints are small groups of work, while Scrum is the enhanced communication that is required for all the diverse pockets of work to remain connected.