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Python for Data science ( Dec 19th - Feb 6th,2020) | Pooja Gupta


HI All,
I am unable to play the sessions recording files .ARF. i tried downloading NBR and play the video, but the command "Open", in the menu bar is disabled. I tried to find the answers on google, but no help.
Is anyone facing same issues? Kindly help
Thanks and regards,
Hello, For the .ipynb notebooks from Day 4 (9 and 10), we were asked to read a titanic.csv file, but it is not available. I checked on Kaggle, and I was wondering if it should be the train or test.
Please can anyone kindly clarify this
dept = pd.DataFrame([[4,'QA'],[1,'HR'],[3,'Dev'],[2,'Ops']] , columns=['eid','dept'])
emp = pd.DataFrame([[1,'Prashant'],[2,'Gokul'],[3,'Guna']] , columns=['empid','ename'])

resultDF2 = pd.merge(emp,dept ,left_on='empid', right_on='eid', how = 'right' )
# this is for right join

resultDF2 = pd.merge(emp,dept ,left_on='empid', right_on='eid', how = 'outer' )
# this is for outer join

While running right and outer join m getting same answer , please tell me how right join is diffrent from outer join?
Dear Pooja Mam,
I wanted to Enroll in your Tableau and Machine Learning Batch. Can you please update me on when is your machine learning batch starting?
I tried to raise a ticket regarding this but they say that they are unaware of your schedule. and also tried to find you on Linkedin so that I can DM you and ask you, but I was unable to find you there. this chat is my last hope. Please let me know.
https://www.linkedin.com/in/niket-khuthia-846313106/ you can DM me here also.