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    Q. related to lesson 7 Solution assessment and validation. Question from the quiz: Which of the following is an organization readiness assessment techninique?
    a) Work breakdown structure
    b) Vision document
    C) focus groups
    d) Force field analysis
    coorect answer is D, but in the part 7.7 assess org readiness focus groups is listed as one of the teqmiquest along with data flow diagrams, problem tracking, etc. I'm confused
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    Assess Organizational Readiness is one of the task in solution assessment and validation knowledge area.

    General techniques used are Acceptance and Evaluation criteria definition, Data Flow Diagrams, Process Models, Focus Groups, Interviews and Survey/Questionnaire, Organization Modelling, Problem Tracking, Risk Analysis and SWOT Analysis. You may be using more than one general technique to complete elements of Assess Organizational Readiness tasks. You may use Focus Group and/or interview and/or Survey/Questionnaire to identify stakeholder concerns or issues

    In multiple choice questions, we need to select best answer. If you come across options with General Techniques and Task specific techniques, then in most of the cases best answer is task specific technique. See which option is more weightage for a specific task/question or in the given context.

    Force Field Analysis is a task specific technique used in Assess Organizational Readiness to understand the forces that support and oppose a change and develop organization change strategy.

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