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    Hello Tim,

    Below is a question regarding code of ethics. The correct choice is C. Please explain why. I thought B was the correct one.

    You are the project manager for the BNH Project. This project takes place in a country different from yours. The project leader from this country presents a team of workers who are all from his family. You should do which one of the following?
    A. Reject the team leader’s recommendations and assemble your own project team.
    B. Review the résumé and qualifications of the proposed project team leader before approving the team.
    C. Determine whether the country’s traditions include hiring from the immediate family be fore hiring from outside the family.
    D. Replace the project leader with an impartial project leader.
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    Part of professional ethics is understanding that cultures approach situations differently. The clue that this is one of those types of questions is we're talking about a different country and all-family workers.

    A is not sensitive to the culture.
    D is not sensitive to the culture.

    B is a good step, but without considering culture, which is the topic of the question, will not aid in promoting success for the project.

    This is an example of a 50-50 question, which has two really good answers. This is additionally tricky, since the two answers are not too similar. However, they are difficult to differentiate and prioritize. Understanding the context of the question is critical for resolving these.

    The best strategy to approach these questions generally is to guess but not submit. Mark for review, with your guess captured. If you have time at the end of the exam, you can review and discern, but if you do run out of time, the exam still grades these marked questions.

    Above all, don't second-guess yourself. After studying this material for a while, the answer is inside you. Your first instinct is probably the correct one. One of the most common comments I receive is "I shouldn't have changed that answer before I submitted it." Trust yourself, and use your observation of practice question performance to build your confidence.
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