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    I have just finished with the Ist Round of simulation on Stukent.
    Plz, guide me on how to submit it for assessment.
    How many rounds we have to submit for evaluation to complete the process
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    Hi Gaurav,

    You need to complete the first 3 rounds of Stukent in order to complete one project in DMCA, after completion of each round take the screenshots of your Stukent results and create a pdf or document.

    Please follow the below steps to submit the project.

    1) Go to your LMS account
    2) Click on the DMCA
    3) Click on the Assessment option
    4) Click on the project which you want to submit
    5) You can see a "Submit " button with the blue color
    6) Click on the submit option and upload the project in the form of PDF, Document
    7) You can see three options, screenshots, source code and write up.
    8) Upload the source code in the source code option if you have any or upload the same document, upload the screenshots in the screenshot option or document and you can convey anything in the write-upsection.
    9)After uploading all the sections click on the Submit Project.

    Nagma Moghul
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