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Request to reduce the course pace.

Hi Simplilearn Team,

I request Simplilearn to reduce the pace of course. Before joining course I was told the below things by one of your consultants:

1. The couse will take you from the scratch.
2. A 24x7 helpline no. will be given to you to clear your doubts during weekdays.
3. You will have to be punctual in the class, we are never going to be late.
4. Most important -- There will be only 25-30 students in your batch. (We have 100+ students on my group!!)
5. In the weekends session your all doubts will be cleared.
6. Much more promises...

I confirmed that I am a working proffessional and will have only 5 hours in a day to give to the course, which I have been following since 5th of Oct. I was told that this won't affect your preperation; you will be able to do the weekends homework easily. You can clear your doubts anytime either by calling in our customer support or by raising a ticket. How can I clear my doubts just by chatting when 100s of students are typing simultaneously in the chat box. None of your promisses have been meeting yet!!

I want to say that I am daily giving my 4-5 hours in this course and since I am a beginner to this, java, I am taking time to understand concepts, which is very obvious! In the weekend sessions, the mentor is not having good data connection and because of this I (I am sure others as well) find it very difficult to understand the explaination of the mentor; voice breaks a lot during session. I am paying my fee on my own, 70K is not a less amount, I believe I don't deserve this service in 70K.

I request you to please dont give us a lot of homework for weekdays, not everybody here is already aware of this language.
#Depanshu, our session coordinator, if you see this post please call me, I have much more to say.

Thank you
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Support Simplilearn(4685)

Staff member
Please follow the steps below to raise
"Help and support" ticket.
>Login to LMS account,
>Select "help" icon on the top right hand side of the LMS page
>Select any query example:unlocking the certificate
>Connect to "Arya" the virtual assistant
>Select "other"
>To raise a ticket select " yes"