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    Hello All,

    My name is Marco, and I need your help.

    In the RMP Certification course, item 2.18: Showed Types of risk, knowledge of risk Level:
    "known risks": Risk is clear and no uncertainty exists
    known unknown risks: Knowledge of risk and uncertainty on influence
    unknown unknown risks: No awareness of risk and uncertainty on influence

    But PMBOK fifth edition, Project Risk Management page 310, depicted:
    Project risk has its origins in the uncertainty present in all projects. "known risks" are those that have been identified and analyzed, making it possible to plan responses for those risk. "Known risks" that cannot be managed proactively, should be assidned a contigenty reserve...

    The text of PMBOK:
    Show that "known risks" are the same as "known unknowns" or risks = unknowns.
    "unknown risks" are the same as "unknown unknowns".

    Please, I need an explanation.

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    We have asked our trainer to provide you the insight on the doubt put across by you. Reuqest you to kindly provide us somtime so that we can get back with the same.

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