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    Hello Developer,

    I am Rakesh Deshpande, Global Teaching Assistant. Here again to share some more information to help you learn better. Hope you have checked my previous post i.e. Web Developer should know this!!

    This thread, will help you set up and start your first ever Angular App so let's get started!!

    Let's install all the necessary softwares.
    1. goto and download the LTS version and install it.
    2. Open the cmd in windows / command line in Mac and type node -v to check the installation success and version.
    3. Let's include all the package managers so in cmd, type npm install.
    4. Now, install the Angular's CLI-command line interface with the help of cmd : npm install -g @angular/cli
    5. Done? . Alright, great! Now generate a new project with the help of : ng new <filename>
    6. Navigate inside the App : use cd <filename>
    7. You should use the advanced IDEs like WebStorm, Atom or Visual Code - I prefer this.
    8. Open the folder in the IDE and save it. ( CTRL + S ).
    9. Goto cmd and type ng serve to start the local server.
    10. Open any browser, and type :http://localhost:4200/

    BOOM!! There you go! The App is infornt of you and congratulations!!!

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