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Scrum Team Size:The courseware says that the form...

Scrum Team Size:
The courseware says that the formula for the team size is "6±3". (Session 3.1, 18:51 mark)
However, I remember hearing a formula "7±2" during the June 12th WebEx session.
Which one is more correct according to the EXIN recommendation?


New Member
As per what I could grasp from Mike Cohn's book and the courseware, recommended team size is - up to 2 Pizza teams. Reference used here is to Amazon.com's pizza teams, i.e, one pizza could be consumed by 7 people. So an ideal team size would be 1 or max 2 pizza teams..

So to answer your question straight - both those options should be right.

Extract from mountaingoatsoftware.com;

"Will you be able to feed most teams with two pizzas? Given the compelling productivity and quality advantages of small teams, the majority of teams in a good design should have five to nine members."