Setting Chrome as Default browser for Anaconda Jupyter notebook

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    Hello All,

    Many of us would like to have the chrome as a default opening browser while launching Jupyter notebook from Anaconda. For few of them it comes default as "chrome" based on your default browser configuration for others it might be Internet explorer/mozila/......

    Here is the way to override this default config and set chrome as a default browser while launching in simple steps.

    Step 1: Launch Anaconda command Prompt
    Step 2: Type the command " jupyter notebook --generate-config "
    step 3: Locate the generated configuration file in the path "C:\Users\XXXX\.jupyter\" and open it with notepad/any text editor.
    step 4: Modify #c.NotebookApp.browser = '' to c.NotebookApp.browser = 'C:/Program Files (x86)/Google/Chrome/Application/chrome.exe %s'
    step 5: Save the file and close it
    Done ... Next time the jupyter notebook will open from chrome browser.


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