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Discussion in 'PMP' started by Shruti, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. Agegnew Tsega Woldemariam

    Dec 8, 2017
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    HEY SHAMIT congratulations. Very please to hear a fellow classmate passed the class. Wish you all the best!
  2. Agegnew Tsega Woldemariam

    Dec 8, 2017
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    Thanks AbuSiddik, I definitely remember your name being called during the live sessions. Did you take the exam? All the best.
  3. _28603

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    Apr 6, 2018
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    Just read the above comments. I am preparing for PMP exam. How can I buy Rita Mulcahy and Headfirst pmp books. I am already a member of PMI but these books are not available on website.
  4. Somya Sahu

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    Mar 4, 2018
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    I have cleared my PMP exam today. All thanks to Tim, Venkata, Mukesh, Priyamvada from Simplilearn. Simplilearn was amazing. The kind of support I received was exceptional especially from our faculty Tim Jerome.

    Tim Jerome, my faculty. I have no words for him. He has responded to my 100 + queries on our community! In the last one week! I can't thank him enough. He is an amazing guide and an extremely knowledgeable faculty. He kept insisting on to use the Simplilearn community in the classes and helped me get the right thought process to approach the questions (which is what is required in the exam). In the beginning they were stupid too. But he ALWAYS responded with detailed explanations. I used to drop him my questions at India day time and by my morning I almost always had my answers in my mailbox. The way he appreciated my study strategy really motivated me.

    Tim is not only extremely knowledgeable but also immensely supportive. He not only gave me the answers but also motivated me to keep going on. He gave me the pointers to create my exam day strategies and also most importantly taught me to think like a PM so I didn’t have to cram up my material.

    Thank you everyone.

    I have shared my detailed experience in the below link:
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  5. _25013

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    Mar 5, 2018
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    I cleared my PMP exam on May 24.

    I got Above target in all modules and overall Above targets ratings as well.

    For preparation i did

    I did notes from :
    PMBOK 6 th Edition
    Timothy Jerome's Classes
    Rita's Mulcahy Exam prep.

    I found Tim's classes very insightful and clarifying alot of concepts which is essential to answer the question quickly and correctly.

    I did about 15 Simulation Exams and reached to Guru level using project
    Using QUestion outline was very useful especially there were questions directly from there. Make sure you understand it very well.
    the exam is a test of knowledge and mental toughness. Before the exam i was feeling very anxious . i reached exam centre early and meditated for 20 minutes in the quite cornert to calm myself down. I mentally revised all the major things i needed to know and prepared myself to focus on just the exam and what i planned to do i.e. to focus on answering the question to the best at the first time and not leave it for later. My exam had really difficult questions at the start. I completed only 45 questions in the first 75 minutes however i picked up the pace when the there were straight questions testing PM bok appeared.
    after answering 100 question in 02:05:00 . I took a 3 minute break. returned to complete the exam . the earned value and EMV question and float questions appeared late in the exam , though easy they were time consuming and i lost some time the question 160 - 200 were really simple and i could answer them very quickly . i finished my exam with 10 minutes to spare and i reviewed my 10 review question in last 8 minutes and finished the exam under 1 minute.
    My Advice:
    - Practice and Prepare untill you really understand. Good Coaching can help fasten this understanding.
    - Performance on the Day is important . Keeping calm and focussed was key for me and meditation helped me.
    - Develope you exam strategy and stick to it. You know what works best for you.
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  6. Shobhit Mishra

    Shobhit Mishra Customer

    Mar 6, 2018
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    I completed my PMP certification on 04-June-18. PMP examination is indeed a test of your conceptual clarity and mental toughness to endure four hours of continuous focus to correctly answer 200 questions. I followed SimpliLearn's course material and even attended a 4 day classroom session by a Simplilearn registered mentor. Classroom sessions are important not just from the perspective of earning required PDUs but to get a quick walkthrough of the concepts but in the end it's all about your self-study and the number of simulation tests that you give. It is really important to take notes while going through the course material as the course material from SimpliLearn is really exhaustive and it would be difficult to retain all the concepts till the date of your exam.
    It's really important to take as many simulation tests as possible. I completed 6 out of 7 simulation tests i.e. practices almost 1200+ questions in the last week before my exam. Believe me, don't expect any of the practice questions to appear in the actual exam, the only thing that's going to help is the clarity of Inputs, Tools & Techniques and Outputs of each process and the concepts you learn through the practice tests.
    Please have good sleep a night before and arrive at the centre at-least 30 minutes earlier. This would give you sufficient time to acclimatize with the test center environment. Four hours will just rush past quickly, I had planned to complete all the questions in 3 hours and left the last hour for review and believe me review is extremely important as I was able to thoroughly examine my responses in the first iteration and make corrections wherever necessary. Giving PMP examination is a journey in itself and only diligent study and practice will help in clearing the exam
  7. _14390

    _14390 Member

    Oct 26, 2017
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    Congrats Shamit !! Did you get any questions (and how many) from the Agile topics that are added in Sixth edition ?
  8. _23619

    _23619 New Member

    Feb 19, 2018
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    I got certified as a PMP in July 2018. It was a roller coaster experience for me. I have learnt a lot and had to unlearn a lot as well.
    For my preparation I had used the following resources in the order of their importance with the top being the most important.
    1. Simplilearn PMP course and its materials.
    2. Rita's PMP exam guide.
    3. Head first PMP guide. (Older edition as PMBOK 6 is still not available as of the writting).
    4. Various blogs to clear doubts on certain topics.
    5. PMBOK 6 guide.

    PMBOK guide is not of much help if you are preparing for the PMP exam! In my opinion reading and rereading other exam guide books are of much help. That being said you can always refer to the PMBOK guide for a through overview of the ITTOs of the various processes.

    One of the suggestion that helped me a lot for both understanding the topic as well as the exam question was from Rita's book. It suggested, to visualize that you are manager of a big project and ALL THE PROCESSES which are part of PMBOK is being followed in the project.

    The maths and the network diagrams are not much complicated and nothing to stress about. Finding tips to remember them and practicing them couple of time should be enough.
    Remember, you are no more provided time before the start of the exam to create you brain dump. You are only allowed to write on the scrap paper after the exam starts.

    Finally, make sure to give importance to topics/process that you don't always do in real-life projects. For example, Procurement KA, the various steps in the Closing the project, etc.

    Thank you to the simplilearn team for helping me with my journey!!

    Good luck to all the PMP aspirant, and remember, don't forget to be awesome!
  9. _15491

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    Nov 11, 2017
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    Finally!!! Cleared PMP certification today. Wanted to share my experience

    1) First and foremost Simplilearn material and Mock tests helped alot in the entire journey
    2) I suggest don't try to simply remember the processes and ITTO for the sake of exam
    3) Instead understand each and every concept in detail and relation between the processes , PMI tests your knowledge in application of skills to the concepts
    4) Attend more and more sample questions and mock tests ( PM challenge is one good source)
    5) Lastly I want to thank facilitators TIM and Sridhar for making a lot of concepts clear

    Sep 3, 2018
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    DO you have questions and answers dump and mind sharing it ?
  11. Taruneet kaur

    Taruneet kaur Active Member

    May 28, 2018
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    I have cleared my PMP Exam today in 1st attempt successfully. I got a total score of “Above Target” with an individual scoring as follows:

    Initiation : Above Target
    Planning : Above Target
    Executing : Target
    M&C : Above Target
    Closing : Target

    My heartfelt Thanks to Tim Jerome for the guidance provided in the classes and also on Community Forum. I asked umpteem no of questions and always got reply within 24 hours.

    My PMP Journey
    1. I attended Tim’s batches
    2. Completed all 7 sample questionnaires, out of which i could clear 4 right in 1st attempt
    3. Read articles on Simplilearn and watched videos
    4. Studied PMBOK - twice
    5. Studied Rita Mulcahy twice
    6. Practiced 1000+ questions from
    7. Looked for free sources on Internet for sample questions, but be careful about free sources, the Questions on most of the free sites are from PMBOK 5, they end up confusing you at times.
    8. I got really stressed out when my application went into Audit as i was not aware of the process, but nothing to worry if your papers are ok. I got my application signed and couriered it. Within 1 day of reaching to US, my application got approved.
    9. It took me 3+ months in totality to prepare and be confident about giving exam.

    Exam Day Journey
    1. 4 hours on sitting a single seat was tough without a break
    2. Focussed attention completely for all the 4 hours on the computer is what makes it more difficult.
    3. I could barely manage to finish my paper. Just finished 10 minutes before and could hardly review 10 questions out of so many questions which i had marked
    4. There is no time to think again at all. If you start thinking too much, timer starts ticking and you loose pace. Hence you have to keep a balance between timing and thinking
    5. Fortunately i got only 1 Agile question and that too was a generic question.
    6. I got 10 to 15 questions based on Formula which were simple like calculating EAC, CV, CPI, float but yes they do take time.
    7. Most of the questions were situational had seemingly two right answers which makes it more stressful.
    8. Finally looking at Congratulations is what makes you smile after 4 stressful hours.

    My advice to everyone preparing the exam

    1. Read PMBOK at least 2 times
    2. Read articles from Simplilearn site.
    3. Learn concepts from all the chapters
    4. Learn Process charts
    5. Memorize formulas
    6. Memorize ITTO’s as much as you can
    7. Practice as many questions as possible, it is good way to learn and practice.

    I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Tim Jerome and Simplilearn Team for excellent training and guidance provided for clearing PMP exam, which paved the way for my success.

    Taruneet Kaur
    Proud PMP :):)
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  12. Arvind Shekhar

    Arvind Shekhar Well-Known Member

    Mar 21, 2018
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    Congratulation Taruneet.
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  13. Moghul.

    Moghul. Well-Known Member

    Oct 19, 2016
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    Congrats everyone.
  14. _39027

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    Aug 31, 2018
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    Hi Amal,
    Can you just post your notes as an example? It's related to point 5

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