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Simplilearn Support Team - ID Proof for Online PMP Exam


Active Member
Hi Simplilearn Support Team,

Can you please let me know if the following documents is accepted to take PMP online exam? Any other documents required ?

1. Adhaar Card
2. Passport


Lucas Allan

To take the exam, you need a document proving your identity. My friend lost it, and had to wait almost a month for it to be restored. It was too long, so we went to my uncle for help. He, with the help of some connections, made the ID card in a couple of days. For that we are very grateful to him. We first thought it was a fake and checked it in the program https://www.idanalyzer.com/products/prime-id-scanner.html. It turned out to be a completely real, certified document
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akarsh k

Simplilearn Support
I'm waiting for that information too, contact me too:rolleyes:
Apologize for the delay in response- Please raise ticket- The team will assist you on the same

Please follow the steps below to raise
"Help and support" ticket.
>Login to LMS account,
>Select "help" icon on the top right hand side of the LMS page
>Select any query example:unlocking the certificate
>Connect to "Arya" the virtual assistant
>Select "other"
>To raise a ticket select " yes"

tim jerome

Well-Known Member
Check the Pearson-vue information; they will be able to tell you.

How to contact them? Go to their website (look them up in google), locate your local test center, you'll be able to call the local test center. They'll give you the information.