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SimpliLrean is a Fraud! They won't give you the voucher for isc exam !

Ariel Weiser

Active Member
I created 5 tickets for the last 15 days to get my exam voucher and you don't respond!
when I call to support you just hang the phone and not calling back!

Shame on you ! Just give me my exam voucher so I can finish this nightmare


New Member
Simplilearn is one of the most helpful and jenuine institution. I got my AWS Certifications by the help of their course. I got everything I require from simplilearn team. I recommend the team with no hesitation to all persuing successful online education.
same experience.
I created 4 tickets to get my certificate and class links and and no help!
The support team just passed to a recording not calling back!
I am in the queue from January. These guys are frauds!!!!!!!!
I have filed few complaints against them but, no answer from these people. Such shame