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Simulation Test Question

Aditya (1867)

Active Member

I do not agree with the choice selected by the Simulation. Let me know if I am correct or the Simulation answer is correct.

Michael is a DBA and serves five Scrum teams. All the teams have equal need for his time and he also needs about half his time to perform maintenance and tuning on production databases. What is the best way to split up David's time so that all the teams are able to work with him?

A. Michael should spend one Sprint with each team while taking care of his routine activities
B. Michael's manager should be part of the Sprint planning for the five teams andprepare David's schedule accordingly
C. Michael should spend a day with each of the Scrum team during the week and, may be, half a day on the maintenance activity
D. The teams should block Michael's time on his calendar based on their need

MY answer is C.

The simulation answer is A.

Below is the explaination given

It is clear that Michael needs to slice his time. Random and ad-hoc time slicing will reduce focus and productivity. Also, it is probably not reasonable that a team can do without his services for several sprints in a row. So the best approach may be to devote a day for each team, scheduled in advance so that teams as well as Michael can plan around it.

Thanks and regards,


Jeff Allen(1178)

Active Member
While C is not a bad answer, A is a better choice. Splitting time like described in C is one of the seven forms of waste which should be minimized or eliminated. It’s a focus and efficiency issue.

Throw out B and D and then go with A