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Sreidhar D(1820)

Well-Known Member
PFA the notes for all 5 sections.


  • Creating a High-Performing Team.pdf
    127.8 KB · Views: 33
  • Doing the Work.pdf
    139.4 KB · Views: 26
  • Keeping the Business in Mind (1).pdf
    113.6 KB · Views: 26
  • Keeping the Team on Track.pdf
    132.8 KB · Views: 25
  • Starting the Project.pdf
    167.5 KB · Views: 27

Akshay Yewle

New Member

Hope everyone has downloaded the course material from PMI LO Choice portal. One peculiar thing that's bothering me is that the all the presentation slides have been published as portrait mode PDF files. That's so inconvenient. Is this issue being faced by everyone else or is it just me ?

Any possible solution for this ?

hi there- while working on the dumps i realized we need some pen, paper to work on the equations during the exam and how we can manage this for a proctered exam, i may have missed the part during the training if at all Sridhar sir has already explained, hence can anyone help me how this can be taken care?