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TABLEAU 10 | Pooja | Nov 7 2020

Saudamini Muley

Active Member
Simplilearn Support
Dear Madam/ Sir
I am saudamini muley from PG DA Cohort 4 and class from Tableau Training, I want to ask a favour on the (Project 2 - Sales Performance ) and Please solve my query in each Question with hints.
1. Create a bullet chart with Category and Segment dimensions and Sales measures. :
-Draw the Bullet chart from my side as plz check it , its correct or not .
- I add some calculation field as name ( AGG(if Calculation ) to show a Above and below .
- How to replace the Null value in the Bullet chart .
2. Blend the data with the Saved Sample - Sales Target data set to bring in the Sales Target measure.
3. Add the year of sales to the view to identify trends and outliers. :
- draw the line chart and show the Trend line and also change the mark type as circle .
- How to Handle and direct the outliners in this chart
- show as fllowing steps -
  • First place Order Date dimension in column shelf, then place profit in row shelf. Change the time to represent continuous month. Duplicate the profit column in row shelf. We will get two Line charts representing the sales for each month of the year. For the second chart type, change the chart type to circle. Change the chart to dual axis chart, by right clicking the y-axis and selecting dual axis. Never forget to synchronize the axis of dual axis chart, otherwise the chart will look weird.
    • Next step is to highlight the outliers. To do that, first we have to calculate the average of profit using window functions.
    • Next step is, we need upper band and lower band to identify the outliers. Any circles that are above the upper band and below the lower band will be considered as outliers.
      • For calculating the upper limit, use window standard deviation (window_stdev) function.
      • Any circle that lies above this calculated field are outliers, similarly we must calculate our lower limits using window_stdev function. Any points that appear below this lower limit are outliers.( gave some hints on it )
        • Next step is, by using this Upper and Lower calculated field, we should create our reference band. We should use this upper and lower in views, for that drop them in details shelf as shown below,
        Right click on profit axis and select add reference line. Select reference band , this band starts from lower and end at upper.
      • Every circle within this reference band are normal distributions for our profits. All the circles that lie outside this reference band are outliers which we must bisect it.
        • Next step is we must highlight our outliers. To highlight our outliers, we should create a Boolean calculated field.
  • I gave the folder for this .
Saudamini Muley