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Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate|Dec 12,13,19,20 Jan 9,10,16,17

Sir, I have one question from filters. You have shown and explained things like WHERE CUST_ID IN , NOT IN , LIKE etc but suppose I want to do a mix of both : CUST_NO IN ('101','103') AND REGION LIKE '%H') So here, data has to be filtered from 2 columns : REGION and CUST_NO. how can we do that?
Also, suppose i want to use AND as well as OR operator based on requirement. how is that done?

Radhika V Kini

New Member
Hello Sir, For Exercise 3.1 we have to find out the profit for each state with Manager names. For this, is it necessary to perform a Inner join? Isn't it enough if we just establish a relationship in Logical layer?
Also, the generated visualization does not match with the solution provided in the .pdf file and it shows some negative profit. Can you help me on this?
Thank you!


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Hello Sir,

In Project 2 :

I have used both the sample - superstore and Sales target set and created a bullet chart (by adding a reference line - Quartile). But I couldn't get a bar plots as in the reference dashboard picture. What I get is a stacked bar ( For Sales of two data set). But in the reference picture, entire bar is decoded as per the two sales range.

Kindly help me to proceed further.


Prasanna K