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Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate | Oct 17 - Nov 8 (2020) | Deepak

Hello Sir,

I had a question. Is there a way to connect Tableau to a Excel database that gets updated on a daily basis. This way data in Tableau would also be get updated each day and create some sort of Dashboard for the management?

Please don't worry about this question if you are planning to cover this soon.

Hi Deepak,

Kindly help.
I have problem when creating formula for days difference to do shipping from order date.
I already put formula = DATEDIFF('day', [Order Date], [Ship Date]) in calculated fields : Days taken to Ship.
But in some condition, it show correct calculation, and some condition show duplicated calculations.

For ex. there is wrong data in Order Date = Jan 2014, Order ID : CA-2014-105417, show days = 10, instead of 5.

Here is my public Tableau link :



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    error calculated days difference formula.jpg
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I am unable to upload or save the project i have made.. it shows error - Create data source extract error... i have used 2 datasets - Sample superstore and sales target..kindly reply urgently


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Hi Deepak,

Kindly review my project2 and share your feedback. Please suggest the corrections and changes be made.
Upon your confirmation, I will go ahead and submit the same.

Thank you.
Hello Sir,

My Sales target Reference line is not changing as per the Date year filter. Can you please take a look at it and confirm what I am doing wrong


Hi Lakshay -
please refer to the solution for project-2. You should be able to do it.


Hitesh H S

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Simplilearn Support
HI Deepak,

I have one doubt. Is there any way to make the target sales field dynamic based on the year because when I select a particular year the value of sales getting changed but the target sales in the bullet chart showing the cumulative value of all the years and as a result all the bars are coming as red. I believe this should not happened. Please correct my understanding if it is wrong.

Thanks & Regards,
Indranil Mondal