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Team Building - International

How do you create team building activities across cultures when you have a team in different continents and also face challenges of time differences?


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Priyamwada Singh - Global Teaching Assistant
It's very challenging! Bu it is possible to this online. We have an outsourcing company that is working for our backend. It’s located in Europe, and we are in Texas. It was a horrible team-building. Usually, we get our team building, and they get theirs. In this way, all of us are just perfectly fine. But in 2020, instead of having a Christmas party, we had an online team building, and we had to play online games altogether. It was the most boring thing ever. I wish the management team or the HR who organized the team building would have looked for more exciting games, something like this for example: https://slideswith.com/blog/games-for-remote-team-building
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