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    I am really peaced off with simplilearn, I was pursuing the course of Data scientist from simplilearn and their sales team was behind me for the course tecmaster. I have refused them many times but they were behind me like anything. Finally I have taken this course on the trial and clearlly told that you can cancel this course if you do not like this course. So after checking the content I do not like the course and tell them about the cancellation of this course. They activate my course on
    30th April and I have writtern for the cancellaiton on 7th May(before that I have called their executive many times). Now they are telling me that you are not elligible for refund because you have not written within 7 days, Now threre is total 7 days in between I have written them on 7th day only....
    I am liteally harashed with the team, the course has been taken through zest money team and I am getting the reminders from them like anything... I have also informed zest money about the cancellation but they are also keep telling me that they need the cancellaiton from simplilearn team...
    But these legends are not reacting anything.. i had already taken data scientist course but I did not receive any job offer or placement assitance from the team, and now they are telling me to go for tecmaster course also..

    @@SimpliLearn: Cancel my course immediately, I am really disappointed and peaced off.......

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