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Test#4, Question 66


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Question: You have just started a new project as a Project Manager. A couple of stakeholders with whom you have worked in the past come to you raising concerns about the utility of the new project management package being used and the way project changes would be logged. What should you do?

A. Assure the stakeholders that you will keep them engaged in the Project and that the new software will not in any way impact their functioning
B. Since they are friends, conduct an informal training session
C. Inform the Project Management Office about the stakeholders' concerns
D. Supply with training material on the new Project Management Software

Answer is given as C. I see it should be A as it is new package and not tested even. Without testing, there is no point in informing the PMO about the concerns.

Please someone can throw some light on this?


Active Member
I agree the answer is C, that is the answer I gave when I did the test, although I see why you picked A, it seems like a common sense approach.
The question does not mention the absence of testing, and in PMP land the PMO is responsible for the software and should be kept informed of any stakeholder concerns.
You are new to the project and you may now yet know the status of these stakeholders (they could transpire to be very low priority), and the software may, in fact, be flawed, so you may not be correct in your statements to them, or indeed have the time to keep them informed in a special manner.

Hope this helps, I too am ploughing through the tests, they are tricky!