The video recording seems to be corrupt

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    The first video when downloaded and played, the player is complaining that the file is corrupt. Can something be done for this?

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    Hi Venkata,

    I have checked the recording by going to your LMS itself and it is totally fine.

    The issue is with your NBR player as sometimes this happens in two situations :
    1.) When your NBR Player is outdated and you need to install the updated version
    2.) When during the download of the ARF Recording, if you pause the recording and resume the download later it gets corrupt after fully downloading.

    The issue that you are facing can be fixed. First please install the latest NBR Player from the below URL and try playing the viseo after installing it. If in case, it is not playing after that also then just re-download the recording again from your LMS and do not pause it while its downloading.

    Kindly use the below links to download the latest NBR Media Player (version 2) to play the ".arf" format videos :
    Windows :
    MAC :

    I hope that this will help you.

    Nishant Singh
    Senior Global Teaching Assistant

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