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Three steps to fill your PMP application


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Simplilearn Support

I completed my training from Simplilearn.

Can you please share what must be written for the following.

Course Title
Institution name
Start end date..

Course Title - Your course name - PMP Certification 2018

Institution Name - Simplilearn Solutions pvt.

Start end date - when the batch you attended started and you unlocked the certificate.
I work for an IT service provider company. We give product development services for different organizations. So when filling the application form, should I write the name of my organization (Service provider)
or the organization taking services from my company to develop their product

tim jerome

Well-Known Member
You can name your organization as the organization for the project - it keeps the organization and logic of the work simple and easy to understand.

Aman Mehra

Active Member
I just completed my PMP application and did not see any field related to hours worked on a project or phase. Is that the new format?
Also, how can I get my application reviewed as I didnt find any option to download the application PDF?

Melliegasan Velayadum

Active Member
1. In the part1 section, fill your details like name, contact details, address, name that you would like on your certificate and your highest education details

2. In the part 2 section, fill the project title, the role, title(designation), your organization names where your implemented project management, address of the organization, contact person name and his/her details, etc...

The important thing under this section is the project description. It takes only 550 characters. So be crisp in describing on what you contributed for a project and mention the details of your contribution.

Here is an example:

· Objective: Application development which can run on Android platform.

· IN: Identified the stakeholders, collected the high level scope and identified high level risk

· PL: Developed the project management plan along with stakeholders by estimating schedule, cost

· EX: Completed the deliverables as per the plan and manage the communication and stakeholder engagement

· M&C: Review and track the progress of the project. Also identified the new risk and perform change management process for the change requests through CCB

· CL: Handing over the deliverables, lessons learned documentation

· Deliverables: Application with installation manual

· Outcome of the project: Success

3. In the Part 3 section, mention the title of the course, Institution name, start date, end date, number of pdu's earned.

Hi Vanutha,

Thank you for this,

If have not completed my Simplilearn training as yet but want to proceed to fill in my experience, can this only be done once my training is completed on the 12th November 2020.



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Staff member
Simplilearn Support
Hi Dimple,

Please refer to the pdf document below this would surely help you with all the relevant details required
for the PMP application.

Prema M


  • PMP Application1.pdf
    992.1 KB · Views: 47

While filling in the application form, Can we show a current ongoing project in experience which "Closing the Project" phase is still ongoing and the rest phases as completed?
In the application, you will have an option to choose start & end dates of each project. If you are still working on closing phase of a project, which means project is not yet completed and in end date you need to choose as ongoing from drop down. Hope that answers your query

Harsh Chheda

New Member
Hi Dimple,

Please refer to the pdf document below this would surely help you with all the relevant details required
for the PMP application.

Prema M
Thank you so much Prema. I am sure whoever have question related to PMP application, this PDF will resolve every aspect of it.