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Three steps to fill your RMP application


Staff member
1. In the part1 section, fill your details like name, contact details, address, name that you would like on your certificate and your highest education details

2. In the part 2 section, fill the project title, the role, title(designation), your organization names where your implemented project management, address of the organization, contact person name and his/her details, etc...

The important thing under this section is the project description. It takes only 550 characters. So be crisp in describing on what you have contributed. Here is an example:

Risk strategy and Planning: Developed risk assessment process and produced risk management plan

Stakeholder Engagement: Train, coach, educate stakeholders, identify stakeholders risk attitude, engage stakeholders for risk prioritization

Risk Process Facilitation: Applied risk assessment processes, risk identification, project team’s evaluation facilitation

Risk Monitoring and Reporting: Coordination with project manager to integrate risk management

Perform Specialized risk Analysis: Evaluate risk attributes, analyze risk data

3. In the part 3 section, mention the title of the course, Institution name, start date, end date and number of PDUs earned.


New Member
hello...I am registered for the PMP online classroom training..I have a query..is ITIL foundation certificate considered as some part of the PDU for PMP?