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Tim - do you happen to have a 'tips and tricks' type document for the exam that is similar to "if you see this, think this"?

tim jerome

Well-Known Member
The FAQ text file has a few, here are more -

Themes, Rules, and General Concepts (PATTERNS)
• You are the PM, with all the rights and authority to perform the work as described in the PMBOK and Exam Content Outline.
• For the exam, your project is plan-driven (all requirements are known at the beginning) has a large budget, and has at least one contract for a vendor.
• If the project fails, it's the PM's fault.
• Success goes to the team (PM doesn't take credit for others' work). The team performs the work.
• When facing issues, always analyze first.
• When facing change requests, select the option that allows you to analyze.
• A PM receives the data needed
• Assembles the experts,
• Finds the best outcome.
• The more I invest in my scope planning (especially WBS), the easier will be the rest of my planning and control of the project. (think $10 MM projects)
• In resourcing:
• The PM negotiates
• The FM assigns
• Audits occur:
• Manage quality
• Monitor risk
• Control Procurements
• When a previously unidentified risk occurs, we apply a workaround.

Exam and Question Strategies
• Process of Elimination
• 50-50: you have eliminated 2, you now have a 50% chance if you merely guess. Find the variance, and THEN select the best of the 2.
• Root Cause Analysis
• "One of these things is not like the other…"
• Sometimes, you cannot come to the right answer, and the pattern arranges itself…
• If you guess the 'odd option out', there is a higher probability that it is the correct option.
• Short question, long answer
• Look to your definitions and concepts