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    It has been a practice in the industry from the time of inception of lean to provide examples from manufacturing industry, as they are easily identified within processes compared to IT or Service industry. Irrespective of the industry type some of the wastes would remain common. Here are few examples mentioned for IT/software industry.


    Transportation – Unnecessary movement of items more than required, resulting in wastage of effort and adding to cost - e.g. multiple hands-off/moving code from one server to another or repository

    Inventory – Unnecessary storage – Though may not completely apply to software common examples are – e.g. acquisition of excess servers as backup/ systems such as laptops, desktops etc.

    Motion – Unnecessary movement of people/ employees – e.g. handoffs in software development/too many clicks enabled on a website or software for a small task/ more than required no employees visiting client sites to troubleshoot

    Waiting – Idle time and it involves customers, clients or next in line – e.g. Software waiting in QA queue/System downtime/Awaiting responses/Tickets in queue

    Over Production – Unnecessary production or even before it is required – e.g. Information shared even before a request is raised/lining up tasks before the next stage in the process is ready to receive them

    Over Processing – Work that does not add value to the customer or process – e.g. entering data repeatedly on a form or in a software application/ Multiple approvals for small projects or tasks/Multiple MIS reports

    Defect – poor quality/ error – e.g. Software bugs/ wrong coding/data entry

    If you have better examples please share.

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