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    Hi team,

    I have a small question: BRD, SRS and FSD are the deliverable of a business analysis activity. Can you please let us know in which knowledge area does these three documents will be created.
    I believe these should be created in the RADD.

    Sweta Sharma
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    Hey Sweta ..In order to understand this concept you have to look on all the inputs and outputs for all KAs in BABOK - If you remember we had discussed about the Business requirement - as per BABOK - the problem, opportunity, or constraint which is defined based on an understanding of the current state. This was the output of SA-Analyze current state - based on which you analyze how your future state will look like . In general BRD contains the following components -
    • Purpose of the project. (Strategy Analysis)
    • The client, the customer and the stakeholders.
    • Users of the Project.
    • Business changes to be implemented.
    • Stakeholder details (RACI). - (Plan stakeholder engagement )
    • The scope of the product.
    • Usability and Humanity requirements.
    • Performance requirements.
    • Assumptions and constraints (SA- Analyze current state page -105)
    • Risk analysis.
    • Terms and conditions (Legal information)
    So the point I am trying to say is that you different activities and techniques you can use that is defined in BABOK to come up with BRD . For SRS yes that will be the detailed version of your requirement ( which you will be taking from Elicitation ) which you have to model in RADD.
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    I don't even know what to recommend you and in which knowledge area these three documents will be created. I will ask my friend.

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