Under Vision-Led Programme, i understand that the ...

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    Under Vision-Led Programme, i understand that the programme is typically based on the vision of the leader or the organization. What if there are multiple projects constituting into a Large Programme and multiple such programmes carrying a common Objective...the example given in the chapter was of a City...which would have projects like Building of Roads, Shopping Malls etc..
    what is the vision statement is A smart city which would include Infrastructure development (which would include Shopping Malls, Toll Plazas, Roads, Bridges etc.. as projects) whereas, Automation would be different programme altogether which would include projects such as (CCTV Camera Deployment, Sensors @ Toll Plazas, vehicle analytics etc.. as small projects). The objective of both City Automation and Infrastructure development is one and that is Smart City...would you term it it as a Large Programme as per the standard definition..?

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