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Duaa Mouawad

Active Member
ou are creating a network diagram for your project. Activity A (6 day) and Activity B (4 days) can start immediately. Activity C (5 days) can start after Activity B is complete. Activity D (4 days) and Activity F (2 days) can start after Activity A is complete. Activity E (4 days) can start after Activity C and Activity D are complete. Activity G (5 days) can start after Activity D and Activity F are complete. When Activity E and Activity G are completed, the project is done. What is the slack of Activity E?
Two days
Four days
One day
Correct Option: D

I need explanation why D ??? i made it many time still appear as zero !!!!

tim jerome

Well-Known Member
The Critical Path is ADG. Since Both E and G have the same Early Start (D's Early Finish), and G has 1 more day duration than E, there is an extra day on E. Compare this to the fact that D is on the critical path, as is G.

This is a very (nicely) messy network diagram. Thanks!