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    Hi @tim jerome

    My exam is scheduled round the corner and I came across a few questions in the Simplilearn Simulation Test #7 which has thrown my understanding off gear wrt the 6th Edition process flow.

    If anyone else too can share their inputs it will help, as I want to clarify my understanding of the nuances.

    Question: As a manager on a project, you have identified and created the WBS and WBS Dictionary. You also plan to ensure that each deliverable gets the blessings of your stakeholders and sponsors. Which process are you planning to perform?

    A. Scope Verification
    B. Perform Quality Control
    C. Control Scope
    D. Define Scope

    Correct Option: A
    The correct answer is Scope Verification, which deals with verifying that what was delivered was what was required.

    MY QUERY: The question asks which 'process' are you planning to perform. Doesn't Scope verification happen in Quality Control where the 'CORRECTNESS' and Deliverable Verification happens and the output is 'Verified Deliverables'? So Option 'B' should be valid.

    Question 66: You are in charge of a project to build a bridge across a river. You are midway through the project. However, due to changes in environmental laws, the project can no longer proceed and would need to be terminated. Executive management has asked you to document the level of work completed for the project. In which of the following processes would this be done?

    A. Project Closure
    B. Contract closure
    C. Project charter
    D. Scope Verification

    Correct Option: D
    Scope verification is performed not only while a project is being executed but it is also performed when a project is terminated. It is used to determine the level of completion.

    MY QUERY: Again here too the question asks in which of the following 'processes' is this done. From my understanding, and substantiated in other Simplilearn forum postings, the first thing that is done in the 'Project Closure' process is verifying the scope, so won't Option A be the correct answer?

    Are these questions remnants from the PMBOK 5th Edition definitions and have not been corrected to reflect 6th edition material? Or is there a flaw in my understanding.

    Request your inputs.

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    Hi Malthi my inputs are here

    Lets look at how PMBOK defines

    Verification. The evaluation of whether or not a product, service, or result complies with a regulation, requirement, specification, or imposed condition. Contrast with validation.

    Verified Deliverables. Completed project deliverables that have been checked and confirmed for correctness through the Control Quality process. * We did the work CORRECTLY (control quality) (As TIM puts it )

    Validation. The assurance that a product, service, or result meets the needs of the customer and other identified stakeholders. Contrast with verification.

    Accepted Deliverables. Products, results, or capabilities produced by a project and validated by the project customer or sponsors as meeting their specified acceptance criteria. * Complete * We agree (consensus) (As TIM puts it )

    In control quality Process it is checked that deliverables are complete ,correct according to specification and meet the quality requirement.
    Validation is certainly more than accepting the deliverables and validating ( assurance) that deliverables will meet the intended use , need ( that's why requirement management plan, requirement documentation and RTM in addition to Quality reports are inputs to Validate Scope.)

    Now coming to Question Knowledge area scope Management, process group planning , last process planned Create WBS, Now PM plans to ensure acceptability of deliverables from Sponsor / Stakeholder ( Blessing for deliverables from Sponsor and stakeholders). It is validate Scope. ( Not verification) . Verify Scope (4th edition PMBOK artefact) changed to Validate Scope in 5th Edition.
    In fact option A and B are not exact processes name as per PMBOK 6.

    Explanation given there also points to requirements means that it is Validation of Scope.

    Q NO 66
    Even when project is terminated prior to completion , PM has to go through Close Project or phase process. PMBOK puts it as, " If the project was terminated prior to completion, the formal documentation indicates why the project was terminated and formalizes the procedures for the transfer of the finished and unfinished deliverables of the cancelled project to others ". For transition we should know how much of scope has already completed , and whatever has been completed shall be accepted and handed over. So Scope validation is required for deliverables.
    If the business needs are not met at the close as in the case of terminated project it should be indicated the degree to which they were achieved.
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    I would be waiting for comments from Simplilearn Mentoring team with regards to question put by Malthi.
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    Apologies for the delay.

    The above solution provided is based on PMBOK and in the same manner Tim explains.

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