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    Hello Developer,

    I am Rakesh Deshpande, Global Teaching Assistant. I hope you have checked my previous blogs and posts. If not, you can check the thread available on my profile.

    Alright, Let's look it this way. You are a developer and as per the client requirement, you should develop a responsive, fast, flexible and secured Webpage where the user can interact and the client's server should not get multilpe requests or over burden from 1 hit / view/action. Hence we have multiple APIs and frameworks to fulfill this and few are backbone.js, ruby on rails and ofcourse Angular.js ( Currently just Angular ).

    Based on competition, peformance, flexiblity, ease to learn, large community and so on. We have 3 great frameworks/ APIs and those are Angular ( Difficult ), React ( Moderate ) and Vue.js ( easy ). The level of difficulty is just my assumption. Feel free to research on the same.

    Angular.js, is backed up by THE IT GIANT i.e. GOOGLE. Acceptance is pretty good. It has it's own versions and upgrades right from Angular.js 1.x to later Angular 5. Angular 6 and Angular 7 are yet to release in 2018.

    Why so many updates? Why I just don't use other frameworks? Why still I prefer Angular? - did you think of these questions? Let's get started with this thread and continue the discussion about your opinions.

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