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    I was wondering if anyone can give me some guidance on how to look at segmented list data for individual email campaigns. For example, how should I create a formula in excel that weights data so that I know a list that has 1000 contacts actually engaged more with the email than a list of 90 contacts. I know that having a list with a lot more contacts is going to skew open rates etc because it has more people than the other lists. I just want to be able to look at the numbers the ESP and GA is giving me and create an accurate report on which lists are engaging more.
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    Hi Phoebe,

    The whole point of segmentation is to provide more relevant content to your email recipients. To do that, you'll have to take the time to craft targeted campaigns that take into account not just list segments but also lead data, and trigger events that help customize your email campaigns further.

    Bear in mind that while some of these recommendations will work wonderfully on their own, many of them are at their absolute best when crossed with other segments, triggers, and lead intelligence data.

    1) Geography
    2) Age
    3) Gender
    4) Persona
    5) Organization Type
    6) Industry
    7) Job Function
    8) Education Level
    9) Seniority Level
    10) Past Purchases
    11) Purchase Interests
    12) Buying Frequency
    13) Purchase Cycle
    14) Content Topic
    15) Content Format
    16) Interest Level
    17) Change in Content Engagement Level
    18) Change in Buying Behavior
    19) Stage in the Sales Cycle
    20) Email Type
    21) Satisfaction Index
    22) Customers Who Refer
    23) Customers Who Haven't Reviewed
    24) In-Store vs. Webstore Visitors
    25) Shopping Cart Abandonment
    26) Form Abandonment
    27) Usage
    28) Event Attendance
    29) Page Views
    30) Call-to-Action Clicks

    I hope this list has given you ideas for ways to segment your own lists, and most importantly, sparked some creative email campaigns you can run as a result of this new segmentation.

    As I mentioned earlier, the way you segment your contact base is really up to you and what your contact data looks like. But, these segmentations are not set in stone. If you segment your contacts one way and it doesn't work well in a month...it's ok. Recognize that these segmentations are living breathing things that can morph into other groupings in order to best optimize for your business and for your audience.

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