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What about on site training at my business?


Active Member
Is there an option for site training to be conducted on site at my business? For instance, an instructor could come to us. Or, we might be allowed to hold a 'group' (such as with everyone in the same room), viewing materials as a 'class'. If this is available via Simpllearn, please let me know.

Sheila Anders

Active Member
I have not read on site where this is an available option, though it would be a very good idea. I'm sure the cost for this type of on site training would be higher and prohibitive for a smaller company, but a large corporate entity should have no problem funding such on site classes.

Ashish J

Hi Cullen,

We are extremely sorry for the delayed response. We hope you are still looking for an in housing training provider. We can certainly provide an in-house training as per your needs.

Please visit the link below to know more about our Enterprise Training Solutions -


Please provide us more details regarding course, No of participants and location details along with your contact information on support@simplilearn.com or call us on 844-5327-688. We will arrange a callback from the specialized team within 24 hrs.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Simplilearn Support
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