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What advantages would an employer have for hiring CompTIA certified?

Would an employer have any advantages for hiring a person who has previously received their CompTIA certification? From the point of view of the employer why would they hire a certified versus non-certified person?
Being able to use the A+ logo for my business is one of the biggest reasons that I would hire someone with a CompTIA certification. This A+ logo lets the customer know they are dealing with a reputable company whose employees have been properly trained.
You would have simplified recruiting and hiring process as your candidates would already have been vetted by nature of their certification as only certain qualified individuals are allowed this Comp TIA certification. This would also mean lower training costs as the employee would have their certification already so you would not have to pay for that.
I'm sure customer satisfaction would be a big factor with the A+ certification and ensure plenty of repeat business. If a customer believes their needs are being served by a qualified individual, they are likely to come back to that business time and again.
You will likely experience more productive workers and greater productivity if your employees have been A+ certified. These employees will have a wider range of knowledge and skill than one who has not been certified. Of course, you will have measurable competence standards among all employees as there is a standard set for all who take the exam.
A CompTIA A+ certified worker will have better insight into industry issues and able to adapt to technology changes and understand new technology as it becomes available. You can be assured that a person with this certification will be better equipped to handle the technology challenges your company faces.


As a CompTIA specialist, you will likely have access to jobs such as computer hardware technician.; server hardware and software technician; desktop operating system support and help desk technician. Any job like this would require certification, so your employer would have proof of your skills.