What are the top cities for PMP Certified Professionals in the US?

Discussion in 'PMP' started by Ruby Bergh, Mar 17, 2015.

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    Dec 17, 2014
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    I'm considering a change of climate, a possible move to another location within the United States.

    I want to know what cities offer the best salary and job opportunities for the PMP Certified Professional.
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    Dec 12, 2014
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    Project Management Professional Certification is one of the most valuable and globally acknowledged certifications. Since you are already PMP certified, I would suggest you to check out following information and then decide on which place you'd like to shift.

    According to CertCities.com, PMI PMP is one of the top ranked certifications of Project management worldwide. PMI PMP Credential has become one of the most important credentials within project management over the years and come with host of benefits for people having one.

    A PMI PMP Credential holder earns in six figures!

    According to new research from Project Management Institute based on PMI® Project Management Salary Survey — Seventh Edition – “71% of project managers received an increase in compensation over the last 12 months, with median salaries in top-earning countries exceeding $100,000.”

    Further survey states that Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential holders in the U.S. earned an average of 16% more (approximately US$14,500) than their non-credentialed peers.

    A PMI PMP credential enhances your PM knowledge, increases your value as a project management professional, showcases your ability to handle important and challenging projects to prominent employers, earn you important and challenging projects and increases your salary dramatically.

    Top 10 US Cities with maximum salary for PMP Credential holders

    Here is the list of top 10 cities that offers best opportunities for PMP Certified professionals to rise up in the corporate ladder in terms of both handling challenging projects and earning good salary figures. The countdown from 10 to 1 is displayed below (Salary data Source: www.simplyhired.com ):

    10) Richmond, VA: The home to largest government IT jobs gives project managers huge scope to develop a rising career in IT industry with their pm skills and relevant experience. A PMI PMP certified professional has the scope of earning up to $235,000 in Richmond.

    9) Austin, TX: The city known as the hub of web startups offers ample opportunities for project managers to explore their PM skills within challenging projects. PMP credential holders can earn up to $237,000 in Austin.

    8) Hartford, CT: The game-field of insurance gives project management professionals ample opportunity to utilize their PM skills and build up an aspiring career in insurance. The city offers a PMI PMP certified holder a scope of earning up to $273,000 annually.

    7) New York, NY: The city that never sleeps is the home to host of government and private companies thus offering huge scope for project managers to uplift their career with challenging projects along with their relevant PM experience. PMP credential holders in New York have the scope of earning up to $272,000 annually.

    6) Boston, MA: The city known as talent pool comes up with huge opportunities for project managers with prominent experience and PMP certification. A PMI PMP certification has the scope of earning up to $281,000 in Boston.

    5) Boulder, CO: This city serves the best for those living a life behind the computer screen. Beholding host of IT companies, the city offers huge scope to project managers to step ahead in their PM career. A PMI PMP credential holder earns up to $291,000 in Boulder.

    4) San Francisco, CA: The city known as the ground floor of start-up businesses opens up ample scope for project management professionals to explore challenging projects amidst the city’s flourishing start-up culture. A PMP Certified professional earns up to $311,000 in San Francisco.

    3) San Jose, CA: The city known as the Silicon Valley has ample scope for project managers and PM professionals to explore their skills within various industries in the city. A PMI PMP credential holder in San Jose earns up to $311, 000 annually.

    2) Baltimore, MD: The home to six Fortune 1000 companies offers ample opportunities for Project managers to build up an aspiring career along with a PMI PMP Credential. A PMP certified project manager has the scope of earning up to $312,000 in Baltimore.

    1) Washington, DC: This city known for the lowest unemployed city offers huge scope for project managers to grow up amidst flourishing industries across various fields. PMP certified professionals earn up to $312,000 in Washington. Register for PMP Certification Training Washington, DC

    Hope this is helpful considering the options you want to look out for !
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    What they don't tell you about these 'best cities' lists is how expensive it is to live in some of the cities. So while you might earn $300k plus per year in one city, much of that yearly salary could be taken up by local housing and economy/tax expenses. These are also factors to consider before relocating as simply getting a job is often not enough to help you to afford to live in that city. That's especially true for places like New York City.

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