What is a "candidate Architecture Roadmap component"

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    a) In phases, B, C and D, it is mentioned "Identify candidate Architecture Roadmap components based upon gaps between the Baseline and Target Business, Application, Data or Technology Architectures". Is this "candidate architecture roadmap component" same as Transition Architecture of the Architecture Roadmap? If not, what is it?
    b) In phase E, it is mentioned, "Determine whether an incremental approach is required, and if so identify Transition Architectures that will deliver continuous business value". So, it is confusing, which phase defines the Transition architecture, phase E or phase B, C and D?
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    In my opinion -

    Candidate architecture roadmap components are just the components requiring to be implemented / changes as per the findings from the gap analysis.

    When implementing these components to realise the target architecture, the organization can choose to implement them all at once or take a phased approach when components are implemented phase by phase as per the implementation plan.
    When we are talking about transition architectures, we are talking about this phased approach of implementation. So the transition architecture is just an architecturally significant phase of the architecture somewhere between the baseline and target architecture.

    So phase E, when we work on the initial implementation plan, defines the transition architectures.

    Hope that explains.

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