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What is differnce between business case & benefit ...

tim jerome

Well-Known Member
Business Case is the financial justification of a proposal.

Benefit Management Plan is a plan that discusses how we will approach the management of benefits.

The 6th edition of the PMBOK has integrated Business Analysis good practice, and although the Benefit Management Plan is not found in the PMBOK as a plan that is integrated into the PM Plan, it is talked about as part of the responsibility and work of a Business Analyst within the Business Analyst Professional standard.
As I remember, in really simple words, a business case is the feasibility study you make in the beginning. Do not take it as a business plan. The feasibility study explains in details the vision and goals of the project, has a market research and briefly relates to the marketing, products, suppliers and sales. The benefits management plan relates to maximizing benefits. But I am not really sure if you integrate it in the business case, or it refers to business development already. It is already the part when you need strong analytic skills and data management platform like complex CRMs or kinda iinsight.biz or something according your business.
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tim jerome

Well-Known Member
That's correct. The PMBOK talks about both a business case and benefit management plan, separately for separate purpose. You're on the mark.

Agile brings in Another business benefits document - the 'benefits overview document'. This can be GENERALLY defined as a rough overview of the benefits and feasibility, which can be input to a business case, or can be used as a charter for agile projects (dealing with lots of uncertainty and complexity).

Michael Houghton

New Member
This is all good, of course, but what to do when there is no benefit? A year has passed since I started my business, but all my success is limited to covering its costs. I read that this is a good result for a small business, but of course, I'm not happy with it.