What is the difference between people and stakeholders?

Discussion in 'PMP' started by Vinutha, Dec 23, 2016.

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    I understand that in project management stakeholders are part of people and they are the ones affected by the output of the project.

    Am I right?
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    Good day, Vinutha - wishing you well.

    Stakeholders have a specific role in a project. They influence, can be influenced, or merely perceive themselves to be influenced by a project. To this, they also have input: requirements, expectations, perceptions. In order to increase probability of project success, a Project Manager manages their engagement: positive (or at least not negative) interaction with the project, communications, information.

    People themselves have natural, normal behavior. We see this a lot in Human Resource management, Communications, and Stakeholder management. People have an affinity to portraying different points of view, in order to innovate (conflict). People in groups tend to form, storm, norm, perform, and adjourn. People have needs that, as they develop, get more complex (as in Maslow's Needs Heirarchy). If we understand that side of people and humanity, it makes it much easier for us to lead both Stakeholders and our Project Team (the Stakeholders doing the work of creating the deliverable).

    I believe this confusion comes from the 'Constraints' topic in the introductory material. It reminds us that as leaders we must understand that even if Stakeholders have a role, we must also understand general human behavior as a constraint in our projects.

    Thank you so much for asking this - it regularly comes up as a topic in our early discussions.

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