what is the explination for this question?The pro...

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    what is the explination for this question?
    The project manager will use the PERT method of scheduling for the project that she is working on. Using the PERT calculation, the variance for the project is found to be 25 days and the duration of the project is found to be 169 days. What is the range of values for the project duration such that there will be at least a 95% probability that the actual project completion will fall between the high and low value of the range of values?
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    Standard deviation of the project=square root of variance. So SD for project is 5. So one sigma is 5. Since the question is asking for 95% probability, we need to go for 2 sigma. So SD is 5*2=10 days. So the range is 169+/10 days which is 159 to 179 days.

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