What is the order of execution in salesforce?

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    1. Prepare the record for insert/update operation.
    2. It will replace all the old field values with new field values.
    3. If the request is coming from UI all the system validations will execute -
      • DataType
      • Length
      • Required
      • unique
      • page layout level validations
    4. before triggers
    5. Custom Validations and again system validation rules will fire (page layout level validations won't fire at this point in time).
    6. the record will be saved into the database but doesn't commit.
    7. after triggers.
    8. assignment rules.
    9. auto-responsive rules.
    10. Workflow Rules
    11. in case of Workflow Rule Field updates again before triggers and after triggers fire one more time. System validation rules for the duplicate check.
    12. Escalation Rules.
    13. Rollup-Summary fields will be calculated.
    14. Grant parent Rollup-Summary fields will be calculated.
    15. Criteria base sharing evaluation.
    16. The record will be committed into the database.
    17. Post Commit logic

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