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Who Hires Us? What Job Title Does the Person We Need to Impress have? What needs do they have?


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I would love to get an answer to this question! (hint hint, Simplilearn) I think its very important to know who needs us so that we can determine what they need from us!

What is the job title of the person or people who are looking to hire digital marketing specialists?
--Marketing Managers
--Marketing Directors
--General Managers

What are their needs? What are they looking for?

Does anyone have a good answer to this? An especially good answer would be from experience straight from this course, like if you or someone you know got a job straight after completing this exact course.

Is there any data from Simplilearn about this?

Thank you all!


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Staff member
Simplilearn Support
Hi Evan,

IIMJobs is the third-party platform that will be helping you with the placements assistance.

the only Fundamental requirement to apply for the jobs through IIMJobs is the SIMPLILEARN MASTER CERTIFICATE,

Once you unlock your Master certificate, you are requested to connect with the support team to apply for the JOB ASSISTANCE, from thereupon, your details will be imparted to IIMJobs who will connect with you to start the assistance process and more details will be discussed.

I hope that this helps.

Nagma Moghul
Sr. Global Teaching Assistant.


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I have to ask, are most the jobs from IIMJobs located in India?

Would you have to speak Hindi? Or is English sufficient?

And, would you need to live in India? Or could you work remotely for many of those jobs?