Why people fail in Exin's ASM Examination

Discussion in 'Agile and Scrum' started by Rakesh Deshpande, Mar 7, 2018.


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  1. Rakesh Deshpande

    Rakesh Deshpande Moderator
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    May 3, 2016
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    Hello There,

    Based on my research, I found that Exin's Agile Scrum Master examination is difficult to pass ( Not impossible ). I think below are the reasons, why?

    1. The Experience : As the name indicates it is a MASTER examination and of course it is expected to have the prior experience in Agile & Scrum. Well, if you're beginner, I would recommend you to opt for ASF - Agile Scrum Foundation also.

    2. Lack of knowledge about the examination: Here are the questions you should be aware of :
    • Do you know the type of questions asked during the examination?
    • Do you know how many questions you need to choose correctly to pass the examination?
    • How many hours of learning is required?
    • What are the materials you should refer?
    • Did you go through the reference books?
    • When is the best time to apply for certification?
    • Do I have all the prior experience/knowledge required before I attempt for the examination?
    A research would really help you achieve the goal of passing the examination in first attempt.

    3. As the certification is of high value in the world, you would need to study a lot.Indicated study hours: 120 ( Less if have prior experience )

    If you'd need any additional files, please check this thread: Additional Files. Know the difference ASM vs CSM

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